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Happiness. What an ephemeral and fleeting concept it is. It is not possible is it? A therapist and counsellor who works on Happiness? Is that possible? Is it not a dichotomy? Don't therapists and counsellors only work on human misery and pain? Don't they live in the slough of the pig swill of humanity. Surprise, surprise, as a therapist I work to move people away from depression to happiness. To a more complete and more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Happiness is possible for everyone. Not all the time and everyday but possible. Some have it for longer levels than others and some only have snatches of it. It is a habit, a behaviour, a way of being with yourself and with others. Some have it almost inbuilt and learned it from childhood. It is like a Happy families pack of cards with all the members learning how to be happy. The children then grow up and are meant to also be happy too. Is that what happens? Really happens? Sometimes it does but sometimes it does not. There are children who do not grow up happy too. Who can make mistakes in the people they marry and the jobs they work in. It does not always flow smoothly. In one lifetime there are so many decisions to make. Many marry more than once. Many live in different houses, move jobs then the one they are meant to stay in for the rest of their lives.

Work in therapy is work from the inside to the outside and then back in again. It is a circular and very positive motion. One does not work without the other and it will always need that push to keep it in motion. Happiness is not stagnant. Depression is stagnant. To be happy needs movement, to keep happy requires activity. It requires constant flow, learning, development. Depression means staying still, expecting the world to change and for you not to have to do anything. Depression is passive and inactive. I am sure you must get the picture now.

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